by on May 16, 2019
If you've ever wondered ways to read someones text messages without coming in contact with their phone, today we'll cover just how it could be done. Select 'œConfigurations' from the menu and then tap 'œHelp'. In the recent update, WhatsApp released a new update that allows you to pin your preferred chats to the top. This can help you access your regular chats easily without scrolling and looking for it. To do this, all you need to do is long press the chat you need to pin and touch the PIN icon on the top menu.
como espiar whasapAnother time he asked me what I was reading and I said that I had been reading about Aspergers and Personality Disorders in Modern Life because I love Psychology. Then he said "Damn" and I asked why he said "damn". He replied "if you go around with a hammer you will see nails everywhere and you'll see personality disorders every where". I informed him to visit a Psychologist for his obsessions and he said he's pleased with his obsessions because he doesn't suffer from sex and online video games.
iPhone spy apps allow you to secretly monitor your spouse by using the GPS locations of the telephone to pinpoint where the cellphone is instantly. The locations are sent to a remote control server which is accessed by an individual through a online interface. The website uses popular mapping software (Google Maps) to find the iPhone on a map and provides time and date stamps too. This type of iPhone tracking application allows an individual to know where in fact the iPhone is at all times. So if
Note: A person can change this name any moment. It's the same name that you enter while creating your WhatsApp profile. You can change it in the WhatsApp configurations as mentioned below. When you have many active interactions going at the same time, i quickly would recommend that you pin the most crucial ones to the top. If you swipe a discussion from still left to right, then you will observe an option to pin the conversation. Or on certain Android devices, you may have to long press the discussion and touch the pin icon.
You can play YouTube videos right into the chat screen. WhatsApp YouTube integration allows users to see YouTube videos directly in the chat windowpane. With this new feature, users simply need to go through the YouTube link within the chat window. After this, the video will start playing in the chat itself. The YouTube video will be played in a little bubble and users will have to ability to increase or decrease the size of this bubble.
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